The Swan Hymn (short version) / 白鳥の賛歌

Blomstedtin sali 28.8. 20:40–21:05
Ken Mai’s new solo

Photo / Kuva: Alisa Gill

This work is inspired by Anna Pavlova’s The Dying Swan. Ken Mai has created an innovative and contemporary way of feature-length work based on butoh with prayer. It is a work that further integrates the elements of butoh and classical ballet element to achieve such graceful contrast.A poetic representation of the surrealistic world where reality and fantasy integrate expressing anguish, joy, love, death, hymn, and the sacred phenomenon with the mythical elements of swans that unfold between life and death. It draws in space gracefully. The moment when beauty and ugliness overlap and darkness and lightness integrates leads the soul to ecstasy, which will enter the eternity world.


Ken Mai is a Japanese International Butoh Artist, Choreographer, and Teacher. He has studied with legendary Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno, and also was a member of Sub Rosa Butoh Company(Under Byakko Sha Butoh Company) in Kyoto, Japan. Same time he was a member of the German Expressionist Modern Dance Company by Otoya Eguchi in Osaka, Japan as well. He has been performing, teaching around 30 countries officially with his solo throughout Europe, The US Tour, Russia, Latin America, India, and Japan, and also has been collaborating with various artists in the world.