Paulaharjun sali 28.8. 15:00–18:00
Ken Mai

Return to the nature of the body, and use the image to the outside while looking at the inside innocently, and try to draw/move the process of self-expression and transformation in space. Everyone can participate regardless of their dancing experience or age.

Photo / Kuva: Alisa Gill

Ken Mai is a Japanese International Butoh Artist, Choreographer, and Teacher. He has studied with legendary Butoh founder Kazuo Ohno, and also was a member of Sub Rosa Butoh Company(Under Byakko Sha Butoh Company) in Kyoto, Japan. Same time he was a member of the German Expressionist Modern Dance Company by Otoya Eguchi in Osaka, Japan as well. He has been performing, teaching around 30 countries officially with his solo throughout Europe, The US Tour, Russia, Latin America, India, and Japan, and also has been collaborating with various artists in the world.